Trashed: Procedurally Scattered Trash

by EJ in Scripts and Addons


Trashed is the ultimate way to effortlessly add realistic scattered trash to your scenes! Utilising the full power of geometry nodes, Trashed provides a one click solution to instantly add in a plane of over 40 handcrafted randomly distributed pieces of trash. Best of all, it's fully procedural, giving you complete control over every aspect, right down to the density of each type of trash. Say goodbye to the tedious task of manual placement, Trashed is here to make scattering trash effortless.

How does it work?

Simply install the zip file, and now you will have a panel named TRASHED when you open the N side panel. Make sure you have your Scene Collection selected and then it's easy as pressing one button and all the trash assets and plane will be imported in. Trashed also offers a super convenient button to disable the unneeded assets in the viewport and render, it's just one extra click (as long as the assets are in the Scene Collection), that straightforward.

What controls are there?

Trashed offers you unparalleled control over the density of your scattered trash, allowing you to achieve the perfect level of clutter and realism in your scenes. If you want a convenient way to globally change the density of each category of trash (small, medium and large) it's there. If you need finer control over each type of trash in your scene, it's there. All of these settings and more are all located in the modifier tab, making it super handy to edit your trash on the fly.

But that's not all! Since Trashed is based on geometry nodes, you can do all sorts of changes to the geometry of the plane in edit mode and Blender will automatically calculate new pieces of trash based on your specified densities. So no matter the size or shape of your scene, you can always edit the trash in edit mode and everything will work perfectly.

What assets do I get?

Trashed comes with over 40 hand-modelled and textured assets, ranging from flyers and squished cans to bits of gum, so don't ever worry about duplicates! The assets are also relatively low poly, designed for optimal performance in your environments. 

How does Trashed improve my scenes?

Think about any city you've been in, they normally have trash and gum on the ground right? And as 3D artists we're always trying to emulate real life, so it stands to reason that we should be adding trash to our scene. For example, look at the images below, you can see the subtle yet essential differences the trash makes to the render; creating interesting reflections, breaking up the texture, telling a story and importantly making the whole piece feel a lot more real, less artificial. Trash is yet one more crucial piece of realism for your renders, and the impact it makes can not be ignored so that's why Trashed is such an important tool in your Blender workflow.


Version 1.0

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Published 23 days ago
Blender Version 3.5
License GPL
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