Rigged Trampoline

by StruffelProductions in Models

Something new for your garden scenes & animations!

This trampoline provides all the detail you need for the most impressive gardens scenes. The entire model has been created with great attention to detail, based on dozens of reference photos to ensure that every detail matches the real world as closely as possible. Everything from the seams that hold the fabric flaps to the edges that exist due to a real trampoline's modular building style is where it should be.

Rigged & full animate-able!

The model comes with two different empties that allow you to animate the bulge in the jumping mat and the stress of the springs.

How to import this asset:

  • Unpack the .ZIP-file you received
  • Go into the destination project and click on "File" > "Append" , then navigate to the file you downloaded and append the Group (not the Object!) with the name "Trampoline".

How to manipulate and animate it:

General movement in 3D space happens using one big "frame" that goes around the entire object, everything is parented to it and you can scale it like any other object.

There are two other objects that manipulate the model:

  1. The empty in the middle. It controls the height of the jumping mat in the middle. Just grab and move it along the Z-axis, all other axis have been locked.
  2. The small cube near the rim. It allows you to control the stress on the springs and the rim of the jumping mat. Again, just grab and move it.

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