Traffic Signs: Dutch Edition

by Michel's add-ons & more in Models

This library contains just over 100 Dutch traffic signs as defined in the dutch highway code.

They were selected based on their common use in urban/residential areas.

Each traffic sign comes with procedural PBR shaders for the galvanized metal pole and the brushed steel fittings on the back.

The traffic signs themselves are mainly procedural except for a 1K color texture for the pictogram. All signs have a high reflective finish that approximates the modern reflective foil that most traffics signs are now fitted with.

The yellow high visibility cover sometimes fitted to traffic signs is a separate object.

Objects are between 7000 and 8000 tris approximately and the materials render in Cycles and in Eevee.


Models and material: (c) 2020 Michel Anders

The pictograms for the signs were based on public domain imagery on Wikipedia

World environment HDR: CC0 HDRI Haven 


You can append complete collections or individual traffic signs by selecting File -> Append ... from your scene and browsing the file dutch_traffic_signs.blend

Objects  are grouped in collections that follow the structure of the wording in the law:

A Speed 

A1 Speedlimit 50

A2 Speedlimit 50 end

A1 Speedlimit 10

A1 Speedlimit 30

A1 Speedlimit 30 zone

A1 Speedlimit 30 zone end

A1 Speedlimit 60

A1 Speedlimit 60 zone

A1 Speedlimit 60 zone end

A1 Speedlimit 70

A1 Speedlimit 80

A1 Speedlimit 90

A1 Speedlimit 100

A1 Speedlimit 120

A1 Speedlimit 130

B Right of way

B7 Stop

B1 Priority road

B2 Priority road end

B3 Priority intersection

B4 Priority intersection left road

B5 Priority intersection right road

B6 Yield

C Closure

C3 One way

C1 Closed

C2 One way closed

C4 One way left

C4 One way right

C5 Entry permitted

C6 Closed for motor vehicles

C7 Closed for lorries

C8 Closed for slow motor vehicles

C9 Closed for slow trafic

C10 Closed for trailers

C11 Closed for motorcycles

C12 Closed for all motor vehicles

C13 Closed for mopeds

C14 Closed for bicycles

C15 Closed for all twowheeled vehicles

C16 Closed for pedestrians

C17 Closed for long vehicles

C18 Closed for wide vehicles

C19 Closed for high vehicles

C20 Closed high axle load

C22 Closed for dangerous chemicals

C21 Closed for heavy vehicles

C23-01 Congestion lane

C23-02 Congestion lane end

C23-03 Congestion lane will end

D Driving directions

D1 roundabout

D2 pass this way right

D2 pass this way left

D3 pass both sides

D5 mandatory driving direction right

D5 mandatory driving direction left

D6 mandatory driving direction right

D6 mandatory driving direction left

E Parking

E1 Parking forbidden

E2 Stopping forbidden

E3 forbidden to park bicycles

E4 Parking spot

F Miscellaneous

F3 Overtaking forbidden for lorries

F5 Yield to oncoming traffic

F7 No U-turn

F8 End of all restrictions

F6 Oncoming traffic must yield

F1 Overtaking forbidden

G Traffic rules

G5 Residential yard

G6 Residential yard end

G7 Footpath

G8 Footpath end

G11 Bicycle path

G12 Bicycle path end

J Warning

J23 Pedestrians

J24 Cyclists

J1 Bad road

J2 Right bend

J3 Left bend

J4 S-bend right

J5 S-bend left

J6 Steep incline

J7 Steep descent

J8 dangerous crossroads

J9 Roundabout

J10 Railwaycrossing (guarded)

J11 Railwaycrossing (unguarded).

J14 Tram crossing

J15 Bridge

J16 Roadworks

J17 Narrow road

J18 Narrow road

J19 Narrow road

J20 Slippery road

J21 Children

J22 Pedestrian crossing

J25 Loose gravel

J26 Cay side

J27 Wild animals

J28 Cattle

J29 Oncoming traffic

J30 Low flying planes

J31 Strong winds

J32 Traffic lights

J33 Traffic jam

J34 Accident

J35 Visibility

J36 Ice and snow

J37 Danger

J38 Speed bump

J39 Poller

L Information

L8 Dead end

L9 Dead end

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