Tooptimize Tools

by Kuimi 3D in Scripts and Addons

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What is ToOptimize Tools?

ToOptmize Tools is an addon for Blender that will help you to optimize your scene in a simple way. The addon will show you what is making your scene heavier, comparing each object in your scene, in one click!

The addon will make all the hard work for you!

With One Click the addon will get the number of vertices in each object in your scene, returning you the size of each one with colors, including collections! 

  • No more hours of searching to find the object that is making the polycount of your scene go to space!

With one click you will find...

What collection is making my scene heavier?

  • This addon will compare each collection and object in your scene, and will return you a new outliner view! where you will be able to find how many vertices each collection have at the moment, in a simple and visual way!

Find which objects are making your scene heavier...

  • one click, and this addon will tell you what to do next, directly in your viewport!

Find the object with more vertices in your scene!

  • The addon will select the object with more vertices in your scene, and you decide what to do with it...

Find objects with Subdivision Modifier 

  • Sometimes you have a finished scene, and have to create a lighter one, and subdivision modifiers are the worst in this case. Would you like to find all the objects with subdivision modifiers from your scene with one click? so here is one more button.

Will the addon turn my workspace into a rainbow forever?

No! with one click, Everything can get back to normal, without colors  and porcentages!

Want More?

The addon also have some tools that will make your 3d modeling life better!

A  Material Slots Cleaner (That Works with Huge Scenes)

  • With one click, delete all materials that are in the material slots, but are not in use (Usually appears in objects imported from other softwares).

Just delete Subdivision Modifier from any object

  • You just want to delete all subdivision modifiers in your scene? okay.

If you are working in one of this fields, this addon is for you:

  • Low Poly Modeling
  • ArchViz Modeling
  • High Poly Modeling
  • Animations
  • 3D Web Visualization
  • GLTF Workflow 
  • Or if you just want a lighter scene for better render performance

You are one click away from happiness with less polygons!!!