Toon Nature Set

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Toon Nature Set

Nature pack with all you need to create cartoony environments.

The Collection contains 58 models of plants, trees, cactus, bushes, rocks, cliffs, grass, stones...

In addition some models include various styles with different textures.


  • Every model is placed individually on its own scene
  • Pivot point is on the bottom of every model
  • Accurate topology
  • Game ready
  • UV Unwrapped
  • 2K textures
  • Sample scene included. Ready to render (Cycles setup)


Polygons Count

plant_01   (170)
plant_02   (210)
plant_03   (210)
plant_04   (108)
plant_05   (184)
plant_06   (180)
plant_07   (164)
plant_08   (660)
plant_09   (865)
plant_10   (2228)
plant_11    (1004)
plant_12   (1057)
plant_13   (601)
plant_14   (445)
plant_15   (225)
plant_16   (135)
plant_17   (736)
plant_18   (584)
plant_19   (525)
tree_01     (1535)
tree_02    (1816)
tree_03    (1766)
tree_04    (1900)
tree_05    (622)
tree_06    (2779)
tree_07    (2073)
tree_08   (2417)
tree_09   (2642)
cactus_01  (1001)
cactus_02  (1027)
cactus_03  (1936)
cactus_04  (435)
rock_01   (14)
rock_02   (25)
rock_03   (11)
rock_04   (17)
rock_05   (20)
rock_06   (24)
rock_07   (63)
rock_08   (68)
rock_09   (134)
rock_10   (261)
rock_11    (425)
rock_12    (309)
rock_13    (338)
rock_14    (342)
rock_15    (647)
grass_01  (170)
grass_02  (331)
stone_01  (409)
stone_02  (342)
stone_03  (346)
land_01    (442)
land_02   (305)
land_03   (379)
land_04   (245)
land_05   (170)
cliff_01    (643)

How To Use.

Extract the "Toon Nature" to the file location you want.

Every model is placed individually on its own scene, without cameras, lights or modifiers.
All files properly named so you easily find them and append. Folder structure is pretty straight forward.
To Append the objects into a Blender Scene go to File>Append and navigate to the objects folder within the blend file. Select and click Append.
If you have problem with missing textures, go to File/External Data/Find Missing Files and choose textures directory from the extract folder.

Many of the models have colored materials, without texture maps. To change the appearance simply edit the base diffuse or glossy. And some of them include various styles with different textures (2K .png). You may change it under the material tab of the model.

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