Toggle Orbit

by JohnGDDR5 in Scripts and Addons

Addon that adds functionality for toggling the Orbit Method in the 3D Viewport with a hotkey or with buttons added to the Header. No need to feel restricted to a specific Orbit Method when using Blender anymore! Such as for sculpting where you would want to switch between the Orbit Methods constantly to sculpt with more control.


  • Registers a hotkey for "  `  " (a.k.a. "ACCENT_GRAVE") with an operator to be able to use as a hotkey to toggle Orbit Method in the 3D Viewport. (Useful for sculpting)
  • Easily toggle On or Off the conflicting hotkeys in the Addon Preferences incase you don't want to use the default Addon hotkey "  `  " in the 3D Viewport.
  • Two Buttons are added to the 3D Viewport Header display and change the active Orbit Method. The display of the buttons can be toggled On/Off.