Timber 3 Door Sideboard Dark Wood

by Howard Collier in Models

TIMBER 3 Door Sideboard Dark Wood

by Beliani


This sideboard will add an industrial touch to your living room or bedroom. The finish beautifully shows off natural grain and knots of wood. The cabinet stands on a metal base in black.

Size Info

Height 79cm Width 140cm Depth 42cm

Product Info

The model was created in Blender 2.82 and the renders were done using Cycles.

Textures are PBR with Colour, Roughness, Specular, Metallic and Normal Maps at 1k, 2k and 4k resolutions.

The product is available as .obj and .fbx files and as a Blend file.

Included in the .obj and .fbx is the sideboard and doors only. See below for Blender File information.

Object Info

The sideboard has been UV unwrapped with some overlapping islands (but only the screws and hinges). However, all the main furniture panels and the legs are non-overlapping.

The sideboard's origin is at floor level in the centre of the object footprint. The door's origins are on the hinge axes for easier rotation.

There are 3 empties parented to the sideboard, in line with the door hinges, to position the doors.

The sideboard has 7 objects – The sideboard itself, the 3 doors and the 3 empties.

There are 2 materials, 1 for the sideboard and 1 for the doors.

The sideboard contains – 94,340 verts and 95,420 polygons

Blender File

The Blend file includes the sideboard, background, lights and camera, but, to reduce the Blend file size and avoid redundancy, only the 4k material textures. The 1k and 2k textures can be found in the Textures folder.

Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 2.82
Render Engine Used cycles
Misc Data uvs-unwrapped, manifold-mesh, normal-mapped, textured
License Royalty Free
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