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Ready to Use Tiled Tiling

The tiling shader is easy to use and to custom as you need it on any plane surface. Included 6 different colors texture :

  • all white
  • all black
  • black & white
  • blue & white
  • green & white
  • purple & white

Included Texture Maps: 

  • Diffuse color
  • Specular map
  • Bump map
  • Normal map
  • Grunge map

Custom Material

You can adjust the size of tiling set ans the size of the grunge texture and mask separately. All node and group are named accurately to make your life easiest. To use the material on a non uv-mapped  object, simply switch the Texture coordinate on Generated and adjust the scale of the tree different Mapping node.


Use an High Dynamic Range Image (HDRi) as the Background to emphasize the reflexion.

  Append the material :

  1. To append the material in your scene, clic on File / Append
  2. Then select the blend file named tiling.blend 
  3. Select the Material folder
  4. Select tiling then hit the Append from Library button
  5. Select the floor mesh  in your scene and UV unwrap it by pressing U / unwrap in Edit mode
  6. Select the material tiling in the material list of your scene

Capture d’écran 2015-08-12 à 16.03.13   Easy to custom   : Simply choose your tiling color by connecting the output of the texture in the pink frame node into the the yellow socket on the right. You can adjust the size of the different texture with the 3 mapping nodes on the left.

  1. the first one is for the tiling it self
  2. the second for the grunge mask
  3. the third for the grunge texture it self

Note that the node are named accurately to make more sense.  node_setup The shader is using UV coordinate so you have to UV unwrap your mesh first. If your more comfortable with object coordinate, simply change the 3 noodles in the Object socket of the Texture Coordinate on the left. Capture d’écran 2015-08-12 à 15.38.07 If you need more advanced fine tuning on the shader itself, enter inside the principal node group called Tiles and adjust the setup. The nodes are correctly named and nicely organized to make your life easiest.

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