The Tree Primary

by BlackSmithPictures in Models

THE TREE PRIMARY   The Tree Primary was created in order to give everyone the opportunity of create amazing scenes adding photorealistic Trees. MODELS:

  • 3 Desert Trees [ Layer 1 ]
  • 8 BroadLeaves [ Layer 2 ]
  • 2 Conifers [ Layer 3 ]
  • 3 Tropical Trees [ Layer 4 ]
  • 1 Special Pumpkins Vine [ Layer 5 ]

All the Trees are modelled with simple geometry and the Leaves are Joined with the rest of the model. MATERIALS: Materials are set up with Specular, Color, Occlusion and Normal maps for accurare photorealistic behaviour. All the Textures are grouped in a folder for each Tree.  Appending into your Scene:

  • Open the .blend file of your Scene
  • Press Shift F1 or go to File -> Append
  • Find  “ Tree_Primary.blend ”  and select it.
  • Go into Object.
  • Select the Tree that you need.
  • Press "Link/Append from Library"

And Now you Have your Fabulous Tree in your Scene ready for Render !