The Infinite Tree Builder For Cycles - Including The Infinite Wood Builder Procedural Shader

by Nick Sayce Designs in Models

When you purchase The Infinite Tree Builder, you're not just getting a large and continuously growing library of highly detailed and realistic trees with 60 new Sapling Presets, you're also getting The Infinite Wood Builder, a procedural shader for changing pretty much anything about the bark. Add moss, cracks, lumps, colour effects, displacement effects, the list goes on. And you can make procedural wooden planks with it too.

The Infinite Tree Builder comes as half of a package containing 50 new Sapling Presets along with the meshes already textured (3.6gb) with the 4K RGB leaf textures, also separated for close up detail , and the other half is The Infinite Wood Builder, which is a procedural shader for texturing the wood of the trees for maximum detail and maximum choice. With these two tools together, you can pretty much make any tree you can think of and using the Sapling controls, you can even make them dynamic and animate them.

If you're new to Blender, that's perfect, you can just append one of the trees from the library into your project as they're already set up, seperated and textured ready to go. If you need a few trees for the background of a scene, just append a Low Poly variation, or if you need the detail for close up shots, append one of the main meshes, no searching for RGB textures, no UV mapping issues, no displacement problems, there are many benefits!

 The controls for The IWB may look intimidating if you've not much experience in the Shader Editor, but you don't need any to use it. Everything is clearly labelled and moving sliders or putting in a few different numbers to see what happens is about the most input you need to give it. As with all of The Infinite Builders, experimentation is where the fun lies, seeing what types of material you can create just by changing a few values.

The catalogue will continue to grow. I love making them and you can never have too many trees.

The new ITB Sapling presets (which I will continue to add to and plan for many, many more), comes with Chestnuts, Oaks, Willows, Pines and even some exotic trees, and with The Infinite Wood Builder you have complete control of the bark. You can change the shape, add moss or weathering, edit the colours, add some colour FX or some displacement FX, there's a huge amount of control that, coupled with the ITB, will make some incredibly realistic trees.

With the new presets and the IWB, you have complete control of the tree and can tweak the look and shape as much as you like until you've got the perfect tree for your project. Also in the download files are individual Blender files for every tree and low poly variations so you can just append an already built and textured tree. The high poly files have the individual tree already set up and separated so you can use more resolution for the trunk to add the IWB displacement effects and the low poly's are more for trees a little bit further from the camera. 

For the close up shots, the IWB more than holds its own in the detail stakes and with its huge amount of control, you can tweak the shape and colour to your hearts content.

The IWB controls. They're very simple to use and as you can see, there's a huge amount of customisation available. There's even controls to make wooden planks, as exampled in the boat image further down the page.

This image is taken from the Yew Tree model, which will be in the next update. It's two presets intended to be used together as the Yew trunk is particularly large.

A selection of The IWB material applied to a few logs with their settings adjusted.

This image utilises the wooden planks controls of the IWB, along with The ISB for the rest of the hull, The IMB for the metally bits and the ITB for the tree trunk.

This image of Chenne Chapel was created using 4 of the 5 Infinite Builders. With no RGB textures apart from the leaves, the whole scene took only 1.5gb to render.

What you'll get...

  • Free updates for life. 
  • Currently 50 new Sapling presets, which I intend to continue adding to the library and will gladly take requests. I plan to add many more trees, simply because it's so much fun making them and you can never have too many trees. Plus, my scenes want more.
  • The Infinite Wood Builder, which is part of The Infinite Builder Series and gives you controls specifically for infinite variations of tree bark, and also wooden planks.
  • A visually based and concise manual for reference, though it's certainly advisable to have a read through, it won't take long.
  • The ITB Tree catalogue which comes with images of all the tree renders and the memory requirements for that render as well as the face count.
  • A large library of all the trees you see in the catalogue with low poly variations. Appending one of these trees will give you a complete, textured and seperated tree for high detail close-ups. All of the 4K leaf textures and maps are contained within their parent tree folder. It's not small, so make sure 3.6 gb won't hurt your HDD after you've unzipped. 
  • Free updates for life.


Hi all!

As promised, here's the first batch of new trees. There's 10 new trees to add to the collection and there'll be more to come as and when I finish them. They're available in the downloads now!



Hi guys,

Just to say that I fully intend to turn this into an app with tree previews in the future so that the library can grow without resulting in an enormous Sapling list, but I'm going to require another designer to make that happen. The IWB will also receive updates as and when I find them of course.

One thing I'll add is that if there are any trees you specifically need or think should be in there, please feel free to message me and let me know. I've hunted through lots and lots of trees when building the ITB so there's likely some I've missed and I'm happy to deal with any requests. If I can make it, I will. Also, if you have any issues or if anything is confusing, please message me and I'll work with you to make sure everything is going swimmingly.

Kindest regards,