The Infinite Metal Builder Procedural Shader For Cycles

by Nick Sayce Designs in Materials, Shaders, Textures


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Finding the exact kind of metal you need for your model can be a tiresome search through endless RGB textures, some are close to what you need, but aren't quite there without a bit of extra node trickery. When you find one, say a 4K texture, it'll likely use close to a gigabyte of memory, which to me seems a needless waste for a texture that requires no subdivisions or displacement and once I put a couple of different textures into my scene, not only is scaling them a problem, but also how much memory just a few RGB textures can eat up.

This is where The Infinite Metal Builder shines. Yes, that was a pun. In the image above, the only surface that isn't the IMB is the floor and stones which are using The Infinite Rock Builder, minus the displacement. You can create an endless amount of different metals that suit your needs a lot quicker than hoping there's an image out there. Because it's all procedural, it'll tile seamlessly and it'll use between roughly 40 to 85 mb of memory, which frees up almost 95% for other areas of the scene. So not only is creating a huge rusted factory wall without repetition as simple as changing a couple of values, but you also have a ton more memory to work with than if you'd used an RGB texture.

If you're new to Blender, that's fine, don't be intimated by the controls as you can still get the best out of The IMB because it's mostly experimentation with the controls. Sliding sliders about, changing a few values, that's all the input required so you can see changes very fast just by moving a slider. 

There are 9 different bump effects, including a set up for your own custom scratch or bump maps, 5 different displacement effects, PBR or Anisotropic controls, colour filters, and 4 different metal presets, all of which can be mixed to your hearts content to create totally different metals with ease.

This image was created using three of the four Infinite Builders;
The IWB for the walls, The IRB the floor and The IMB for everything else with No RGB textures.

The above image displays just a few examples of what can be created with the IMB, each one takes less than a minute to create because the controls are very simple to use, you'll likely recognise all of them and it's very fast.

There's a mixture of mainly node groups with a few mix sliders, colour ramps and value inputs, that's the lot. If you've used Blender before, you've likely used all of these nodes before and if you haven't, they're all clearly labelled and each control is covered in the pdf manual with many visual examples and also the tutorial series, which I'll be recording shortly.


In the downloads section, you'll find The Infinite Metal Builder Blend file, a visually based manual, a PSD with 3 scratch maps you can fiddle with and 3 custom scratch maps I already built ready to be plugged into the Custom Scratch Map nodes. You also get a Blend  file with the Star Wars models you see below. They're not rigged, though they are parented to allow for posing.

***The models contained within the download are not affiliated with or endorsed by the original copyright holders. They are my own creation, based on recognisable imagery.***