The Dam

by Luigi Marini in Models

A large valley that forms the basin for an artificial lake, created by a dam. 

Here is the theme of this scene, suitable for many ideas, as well as for animations.

Attention: This scene (including assets) is available only in blend format and it's not suitable for being exported to other programs (due to the particles systems used for ecosystems).

However, you can use the heightmaps in tif format (in the packlist) and use it with the displacemet feature in other programs.

Notes: The scene include 10 simple terrains (1 core, 9 background), modeled in Gaea and texurized and populated in Blender (Render Cycles). 

The scene was populated with 2 eco-systems (by ParticleSystems) and the viaducts are modeled with 2 simple obj moduls and 2 array by curves. 

The whole scene is built in a modular way (with 6 layers-collections). You will be able to manipulate (almost) every element of the scene.

All the assets are in blend bundle and not exportable (2 shrubs, 5 pines, 8 vehicles, 1 train, 1 streetlamp, 1 fence).

Packlist: 1 Blender file, 3 alpha-masks, 8 textures, 1 heightmaps (in tif format), 1 readme.pdf.