The Curl - Unfolding Spiral Setup In Geometry Nodes

by codesignprojects in Modifier Setups

Geometry nodes-based spline manipulation - A folding and unfolding spiral setup example with instancing.

Video demo here and here.

An other example, using the same technique here.

A base curve line and a spiral is combined, then "unified", so it forms one continuous curve. The shape of the curve is achieved by A Float Curve node. The whole setup is completely procedural (The leaf's shape, the branch placement and so on).

The recombination of the spiral and it's base curve line ("stem") makes it possible to create the unfolding spiral, which can be shaped by its curve radius and treated and textured as one, continuous curve.

There are two blends included -

1. The full setup

2. A simplified version of a curve turned into unfolding spiral with a texturing example.

Happy Blending !

This is one of the three spiral curve setups:

1.  The Peel - "Stem and Peel" spiral effect to any curve in Geometry Nodes

2. Unfold - Spiral Any Curve In Geonodes

3. The Curl - Unified Unfolding Spiral Setup In Geometry Nodes

An additional setup, creating actually seamless Curve UV Map for curves generated in Geometry Nodes can be found here.



-(Since it is a concept demonstration, it is kept as simple as possible.) The GeoNodes trees are kept clean for easier readability and have detailed explanations. Everything is built from the base. The point of these setups is to provide a base core of the concept, node from node, instead of contracting all into node groups with exposed settings, which makes everything harder to read and dissect.

You can embellish, refine as you wish based on the core or realize your own ideas.

-Read the text description, it has a lot of useful info !

Published 6 months ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6
License Creative Commons
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