The Billiard Collection - 90% Discount

by Josip Kladaric in Models

The Billiard Collection

Inspired by a recent visit to a small local pool hall I wanted to create a pool ball. The ball looked pretty good so I made a pool stick. Well once I had that, there was no reason not to make a pool table. 

Since there was nothing related to billiards on the market I made The Billiard Collection.

Edit: New version is available here:


The billiard collection includes everything you need to design your own billiard room. Bring any interior design to life by breaking the boring look of static furniture with a classy table designed for fun. Special care was taken in the creation of materials to make sure they are optimized for rendering as fast as possible.

The package includes:

  • Pool Table
  • 15 Billiard Balls and 1 Cue Ball
  • 2 Pool Sticks
  • 8 Ball Rack
  • Photorealistic Cycles material for each model including textures