Thangs Blender Addon - Search & Import Over 15m Free Models

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How do we know what is the license of the product? Can we sort by license?

Good thought!

At this current point in time, you can only see the license after navigating to the model page on Thangs. This will absolutely be added if the community enjoys it!

Does the search function have a filter system? (e.g. free meshes, certain prices whatsoever?) This could actually speed up my workflow, I spend a considerable amount of time jumping through different sites to search for my preferred mesh model. Looking forward to its development!

Great question!

The web search (example query) has file format, free/paid, source site, and other filters.

The add-on does not today, but absolutely would in the future.

That said, there are very, very few paid models in the search index. The overwhelming (eg. 99%) majority are all free models.

Sounds like the sketchfab addon, but it's nice to have access to more options/models.

Super similar - in fact, Thangs searches Sketchfab's (free) models!

The primary difference is that Thangs search includes many 3D platforms, so it includes over 13M models.

We are huge fans of both Sketchfab and their team.

So I can use this from Blender directly to search for 3D models?


About 13M models, over 28 3D formats, and growing every week. On average, users directly upload around 3k to 10k models per week, and then we have a crawler that indexes most of the other major 3D platforms - but those models are only shown in the search results.

On the site, you can filter based on filetype (.blend is one we are working on adding soon), but all the usual culprits from STL to ASM to 3MF, as well as a number of USDZ and GLTF.

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