Texturing In Blender For Beginners - Full Course

by YanSculpts in Training

Texturing In Blender For Beginners

To bring your characters to life and get breath-taking results, one must learn texturing and rendering. That said, if you gave it a try, you will quickly realize that it is not as simple as it might seem, especially when it comes to complex materials such as the skin.

Join me for this 7 hour packed course in a journey of unraveling the mysteries and secrets of achieving stunning textures and renders with exclusive real-time tutorials for beginners to advanced users.


Course Video Demo

Make sure to check out the following video demo for a more in-depth look at what you get in this course:



Reynante Martinez
Digital Artist / Lighting Enthusiast / CMV Founder

"Yanal takes texturing in Blender to a whole new level. If you are keep to up your texturing skills, this course is for you"

Grant Wilk
Blender Instructor / YouTuber (Remington Graphics)

"Yan's texturing course is a must have for anyone looking to explore character creation in Blender. The course is marketed for beginners, but even advanced users can learn something from it!"

Pierrick Picaut
3D Artist / Blender Foundation Certified Trainer / Founder of P2DESIGN

"Yan shows, with his solid workflow, how to bring life to a character with ease producing an incredibly vibrant and convincing result. A must have if you've always wondered how to handle character painting and texture painting in general. With top quality production and editing, I advise anyone to take this course."

Jim Morren
Character Artist / Product Creator

"Yan presents the material in his already established style in an easy to follow format. He has divided the videos well covering one subject after another. All in all if you already enjoy Yan's regular content I'm sure you will like this even more."


This course contains the following (Version 1.0):

≈ 7 Hours Of Tutorials + Scene Files (Two Female Character: Vivi and Evie) + Two Custom Made Skin Alpha Textures!


Part 1 - Introduction To Texturing In Blender (with Vivi):

- 16 Video Tutorials (≈ 0H50 Total)

Video Titles:

  • Texture Set-Up
  • Brushes And Hotkeys
  • Blend Types
  • Color Palette
  • Blending Colors
  • Texture Image
  • Brush Strokes
  • Stroke Method Curve
  • Brush Curve
  • Symmetry
  • Mask Brush
  • Texture Mask
  • Face Selection Masking
  • Texture Options 
  • Texturing in a 2D Space
  • Texturing With Layers


Part 2 - UV Unwrapping Evie:

- 5 Video Tutorials (≈ 1H00 Total)

Video Titles:

  • Unwrapping Scene Set-Up
  • Unwrapping The Skin
  • Unwrapping The Eyes
  • Unwrapping The Clothes
  • Unwrapping Clean-Up


Part 3 - Texturing Evie In Blender:

- 15 Video Tutorials (≈ 3H50 Total)

Video Titles:

  • Texturing Set-Up
  • Texturing Lighting Set-Up
  • Texturing Skin Tones Palette
  • Texturing Skin Base Color
  • Texturing Skin Base Color - Texture
  • Texturing Skin Freckles
  • Texturing Skin Bump Map Imperfections
  • Texturing Skin Spec Map
  • Texturing Skin SSS Map
  • Texturing Hair Gradient 
  • Texturing Clothes, Eyebrows, Eyelashes
  • Texturing Tongue
  • Texturing Eyes
  • Texturing Clean-Up
  • Texturing Wrapping Things Up


Part 4 - Material Creation for Evie:

- 5 Video Tutorials (≈ 0H50 Total)

Video Titles:

  • Material Creation Skin
  • Material Creation Hair
  • Material Creation Clothes, Eyebrows, Eyelashes
  • Material Teeth, Tongue
  • Material Creation Eyes


Part 5 - Rendering And Composition for Evie:

- Video Tutorials (≈ 0H30 Total)

Video Titles:

  • Rendering Set-Up
  • Rendering Post Production In Blender
  • Rendering Post Production In Photoshop


Scene Files:

- Blend Files and OBJ of Vivi
- Blend Files, OBJ, Textures, Materials, Lighting, and Final Scene of Evie
- Hi-Rez Renders
- Two Custom Made Skin Alphas


Future Update Plans:

v1.1: Part 6 - Setting Up Evie In Blender EEVEE - (COMING SOON AS A FREE UPDATE, YOU WILL BE INFORMED)

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message!

There is a video named "start_here" in the course that will help you navigate through the files. Most files are compressed to reduce size, all you need to do is extract the files on your computer with a free profram such as, WinRAR.

Files You Get In This Course:

  • start_here (video file)
  • instructor_introduction (video file)
  • Part_01_Introduction_To_Texturing_In_Blender (compressed file)
  • Part_02_UV_Unwrapping_Evie_In_Blender (compressed file)
  • Part_03_Texturing_Evie_In_Blender (compressed file) (3 parts)
  • Part_04_Material_Creation (compressed file)
  • Part_05_Rendering_And_Composition (rar file)
  • read_me (txt file)

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.

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  • steven 7 months ago

    THE only course you need! No need to look anywhere else. Fantastic from knowing nothing to wanting to challenge cycles, superfast support when i had a download issue from the man himself.
    Great instruction, great service from Yan, great course worth every penny!!!!

    • Yanal Sosak 7 months ago

      Thank you for the kind words Steven, happy to help :)!

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