Texture Stamps: Decal Add-On

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Detail Your Scenes with the Texture Stamps Add-on!

The “Texture Stamps” add-on is a powerful tool that allows filmmakers and 3d Artists to add extra non-destructive detail by wrapping textures around their desired object. With over 100 "texture stamps" created from both real photos and generated grunge, its alpha texture plane assets and intuitive user interface menu provide the ability to add extra non procedural detail to hard surface 3d assets! The Texture Stamps add-on for Blender 3d is a great tool for adding a nice touch to your 3d models and to enhance live action visual effects shots without spending hours looking for the right texture.  You can now add layers of non-destructive texture detail for your live-action films and 3d art within seconds.


Quickly add non-destructive texture stamps!
TextureStamps is an add-on that you install into Blender. Once you install it you can follow four simple steps to quickly add more detail to your scene!

Four Steps:

1.) Select the genre of texture stamps you want to choose from.

2.) Select from the previews available.

3.) Select the object you want to "TextureStamp"

4.)  Add the decal to your object and adjust according to your artistic taste. Adjust offset if necessary.

After the texture stamp is added you can dial in more specific settings and placement within the Blender shrink-wrap modifier tab.

Version 1.0 of the Texture Stamps add-on contains over 100 alpha plane texture assets to detail your geometry. Categories include concrete grunge overlay, rust, wood damage, scorch marks, street signs, puddles, wet specular drops, and more, You can add these texture stamps to your scene within seconds. All of the assets are optimized for both Cycles and Eevee rendering engines.

Established Platform

The Texture Stamps add-on overlays textures utilizing Blender 3d modifiers. Because of this there are countless options for the user to customize the placement and scale their texture stamps through Blender even after they are added through the add-on.

Add extra detail to your scenes with the Texture Stamps Add-on!

Texture stamps Included so far shown below!


Any customer feedback about our add-on is highly appreciated and will be used to update our add-on to be more useful in the future. All updates will be free with a prior purchase!


TextureStamps V 1.0 - Original release: 100+ Texture Stamps w/ automated shrinkwrap applied. Texture space added for better placement of assets to 3d scene - 4/9/2022

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