Texture Atlas Generator

by Lukas Florea in Scripts and Addons

I have a problem / a suggestion!

The best way is to open an issue: https://github.com/LuFlo/texture_atlas_generator/issues

If you purchased via Blender Market, you can also write me a mail.

Why should I buy open source software when I just can download the release from the github page?

Good point. You don't have to spend money for this plugin. Consider it as a nice appreciation of the work I put in, also you support the Blender developer fund. It is in our all interest that Blender and its ecosystem  grow :-)

When is the next update?

I do this in my free time, so I basically improve this add-on when I have time.

Does the plugin work with blender 2.X?

This plugin is developed and tested on Blender 2.80 and 2.81 (Linux edition). The migration to 2.7X is not on my high priority list. But any Pull-Requests are welcomed :-)