Tesselator - Quadrilateral Remeshing

by Flow Tools in Scripts and Addons

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  • Aeon about 1 month ago

    I really wish I could get this to work for me, anything I've tried it on gets severely distorted or broken, I wish the interface was a bit more self explanatory about what the functions are, still I've tweaked them and nothing comes out okay.

  • markholley 4 months ago

    I enjoy using this plugin - I'm a new(ish) user and it was simple enough for me to learn. I'm using the beta build of Blender 2.8 and Tesselator has worked wonderfully with anything I've put it to work on.

    I haven't really tried using it on anything I've modeled with traditional edge loops or cutting or booleans or anything, just the sculpt tools. I don't even have any particular reason to use it after sculpting something... but I like to any way just because I enjoy looking at cleaner meshes more than the nightmarish topology that Blender comes up with. Maybe sometime in the next year I'll pick up a volunteer or paying job and I'll see if Tesselator can help me out a bit. If not, it's still all good. :)

    • Jean Machado 4 months ago

      Thanks for the comment, hope you like it.

  • Jay 4 months ago

    It's a wonderful addon! It's oddly satisfying to see it remeshing the model. The results are pretty good compared to some other addons and softwares that I tried for remeshing.

    • Jean Machado 4 months ago

      I also got oddly addicted to watch the algorithm performs, but that's just a side effect me wanting more detailed feedback for my debugging purposes during the development :)

  • Brian Korsedal 5 months ago

    I have it installed. I'm using blender 2.80beta. I see it under properties -> active tool. I check box it. But I don't see any commands to make it work? Any advice for getting it to work in Blender 2.80?

    • Jean Machado 4 months ago

      2.8 changed the default location of addon panels, now its on the properties (N) panel.

  • Damien Vanheule 5 months ago

    A must have !
    Works really fast and great, even with low specs computers !

    Sometime Blender may seem frozen but it's just calculating its things, don't panic unless you get an error box.
    I used it on a sculpt that I didn't want to hand remesh, and it actually did a better job than me so I just started making a whole new sculpt with this tool aside. It gives me back into the creative mood cause now I can just not worry about remesh(ing?) !!

    If you get trouble using it, just take some time to experiment on cubes and spheres (or even monkeys but that's up to you), you'll quickly learn how to tweak options to your needs !
    Anyway it won't do the job you want if you only press "remesh", you need to tell it what to do ^^

    Finally, because i tested many remesh tools, i can tell this one is one of the bests (and look at the price, and then the price of other remesh addons), if you're thinking about buying one, this one is the one you need if you're not scared about experimenting

    • Jean Machado 4 months ago

      Nice to hear that, I like your sense of adventure!

  • Massimo 6 months ago

    I tried on different meshes this addon without any satisfactory result-

    • Jean Machado 4 months ago

      As in the faq, its not for animation topology, so its always good watch out what kind of work you are doing and if its worth to use it or not.

  • Thomas Steffen 6 months ago

    Works great (Tested with Blender 2.8)!

    • Jean Machado 6 months ago


  • Francesco di Buono 8 months ago

    While it doesn't perform miracles, it works pretty good (and fast) on common meshes, including characters

  • Bohdan Lvov 9 months ago

    It's bloody awesome! Absolutely adore it.
    It's already works perfectly with 2.8 and making my workflow soooooo much faster, especially for quick bits.

  • Karan 10 months ago

    I've been trying to make use of this add-on but for some reason i cant get something i can work with, the final results are always missing some parts or end up adding more polys thant what i already have

    • Jean Machado 10 months ago

      You have to tweak the resolution sometimes, read the FAQ and the documentation for details.

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