Tattoo Machines

by ddesign in Models

Classic coil and direct-drive rotary tattoo machines

An ultra-detailed reproduction of two common types of tattoo-guns, with photorealistic materials and rendering setup

Every component has been modeled, even small details rely on geometry instead of textures (screws, washers etc...). Great care has been put into maintaining correct proportions and realistic assembling

Materials are physically-correct with PBR setups, using both principled and custom nodes

Each element has been named with descriptive (English) names, arranged in groups and parented to an empty

The degree of realism has been conceived for use in an advertisement (banner, catalogs, brochures) and/or animations such as commercials, documentaries, movies

Includes also a "kitbash" version of the classic coil machine disassembled, with every part isolated for reuse in other projects

Hdri from 

Materials included

Also included a handy render setup, with studio lights and a custom background, reusable for product shots of similar objects

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