Talidomidoid Monster

by Daniel F.R. Gordillo in Models

Just in time for Halloween!

The low-poly Talidomidoid!

A creature loosely based on the Silent Hill movies. No eyes, no arms, just legs, a mouth and a lot of infected boils.

Rigged and ready for animation! (It includes a walkcycle and an idle/taunt animation, and a camera turn-around with a lighting setup)

The pack includes the following files:

  1. blend file
  2. normal map
  3. diffuse map
  4. roughness map
  5. displacement map
  6. stencil map for SSS

All the textures are 2048 x 2048 px PNGs

The character is fully rigged, including IK legs. No drivers, just bones and constraints.

There's a basic lighting setup, backdrop and a camera turnaround.

The character includes 2 actions: walkcycle and idle/taunt 


1300 faces

2612 triangles

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