by Junnichi Suko in Models

This is a 3D model and animations of a Swan.

Three models were included.


27206 Verts

25234 Faces


7216 Verts

6256 Faces


2046 Verts

1634 Faces

The wing span is about 2.8m.

The feature of the model is that it has a realistic proportion of the skeleton so that the pose folding feathers and the flapping animation are reproduced.

The flapping motion is not just a vertical motion but a three-dimensional motion of the humerus, ulna and metacarpals is reproduced.

The animation set has basic items that you can move freely within the game engine.

note:To use Root Motion with UE4, I need 3dsMax.

How to import to the game engine

Animation names are listed in the documentation.