Survival Knife For Games And Vr

by yaschancool in Models

Survival knife for games and VR maps. 4K PBR metal-rough textures.

The model is original concept model and resemblance to any real-world product is coincidental. Wolff-Sauer Gmbh is a fictional company name, not any real world logo or trademark. 

Geometry is mostly quads. Total of 1,970 polys and 1,785 verts, when converted to tris only 3,524 tris in total. No n-gons, co-planar faces or isolated vertices. 

Efficiently packed non-overlapping UVs. The model is tested to have no distortion or other UV issues.

4K PBR metal-roughness textures are saved losslessly as PNG and are RGB packed for efficiency. Normal map was baked from high poly model. Base Color, Normal, Roughness, Metallic and AO maps are included.