Surface Follow Addon

by The 3D Advantage in Scripts and Addons

Binds meshes to the surface of other meshes. Similar to the "surface deform" modifier. Works a little different than the surface deform modifier. It's faster to bind on large meshes and doesn't run into convex errors. First introduced at the blender conference:

The script is always available for free on Github under the modeling cloth tools:

Consider this a sort of pro version. The code is cleaned up and improved to run faster.

An explanation of how to use the script can be found here: 

You can email me with questions here: [email protected]

In order to deform an object with another object:
Select at least two objects. The last object selected will be the object that is used to deform every other object selected. Hit the "bind" button.

The tool has three options for deforming.

1: "Update Once" This is for modeling. If the deform object has changed by editing or modifiers like wave or cloth, the objects bound to the surface can be updated one time.

2: "Scene Update" The bound objects will update continuously with anything that triggers scene update.

3: "Frame Update" The bound objects will update every time the animation frame changes

What happens to my bind data when I save and reopen?

The surface follow addon doesn't use data that stays on closing and reopen. You need to reset the shape key and bind again.

I will work on fixing this if there is enough interest in the addon to justify spending time on it

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