Sublender: Substance For Blender

by xvanturing in Scripts and Addons

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  • Dominik 8 months ago

    a very good implementation, fun to work with. the author has announced a sbar asset manager, so i bought it - if it comes with the same quality, 5 stars are not enough

  • Ferenc Barati 10 months ago

    Its working, fantastic^^ Can't wait to see what updates and tweaks will we see in the future. Recommended addon

  • aaron 11 months ago

    Very Impressed. Above Expectations, Adjust the Material in blender with ease after the import. I just haven't tried any materials with opacity or Emission to comment on that.

    • xVan Turing 11 months ago

      Neither did i 😛. But I'll make some tests.(I'm actually not familiar with IOR/Emission workflow)

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