Stylized Rigged Hair Base Meshes

by arzvel in Models

Stylized Rigged Hair Base Meshes

*The new hairstyles and assets will be arriving late May. Thanks for your patience and support on this hard times.

The MAIN PORPOUSE of this product is to save you the work when developing that specific hair proyects that needs to be supported by a solid mesh.

  • The meshes are clean, simple and are modeled from the INSIDE. You can notice that each one has a very healthy amount of polys, this is for those who need to make any modifications without many complications.
  • The Rigs are exclusive for each hairstyle mesh, and its edition is also very viable and simple.
  • The face is rigged with 16 expressions, the body model and the assets around have no other porpouse than give some context to the scene.
  • There are also several head assets like horns, animal ears and other things that can be useful for you to use.
ALL of my products are in constant change and improvement, and I ONLY USE the products I sell to produce my animation, ilustration, marketing and comission proyects, this means that all the assets I ussualy make are implemented in my products for free.

I owe blender my main income, and it is a great feeling to finally pay something back with each sell of this product. Hope you to like it, and thanks for passing by.
Saludos y gracias por todo!
Dev Fund Contributor
Published 8 months ago
Software Version 3.0
Render Engine Used eevee
Misc Data uvs-unwrapped, rigged, textured
License Royalty Free
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