Stylized Pbr Axe Model

by Jayanam in Models

The axe model

The axe is sculpted with Blender in a stylized look and feel. The sculpt contains nice wood details, damages and runes at the blade. These details are baked with Substance Painter onto a manually retopoed low poly object, so that the model will perform well in games.

What is included?

The package contains a Blender project (.blend file) with the low poly models (wood handle, steel blade, leather wraps). The models have a material attached with a principled shader and the exported textures (albedo, roughness and normal map), the size of the textures is 2048px.

The textures are created with Substance Painter and also have a stylized look & feel, they are based on smart materials.

Where can I use it?

You can use the models in your Blender projects of course but the included FBX files of the low poly models and the textures can be imported to game engines like Unity or Godot as well.