Stylized Barrel

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This is a stylized Barrel created specifically for games using the Metal-Roughness workflow. Textures are available in multiple resolutions: i.e. 4k, 2k and 1k. The mesh is made up of 2 objects, 100% quads with  842 faces/1,634 tris. The mesh UV is flattened in such a way that it's easy to modify or create new textures using Gimp or Photoshop. Each texture set contains:

  • Diffuse
  • Normal
  • Metal
  • Roughness
  • Specular (for roughness workflow)
  • Ambient Occlusion

Extra texture maps have been included in case you need to create variations:

  • Cavity Map
  • Vertex Color Maps
  • ID Map

The Wooden Floor Planks as seen in the render has been made available as Bonus content. For your convenience, both assets have been packaged as Unity assets for easy importation. 

Stylized Barrel Package

Create a folder, say Barrel, and extract the barrel-model archive inside the Barrel's folder. A sub-folder called model should be created which contains the blend and obj files.

Pick one texture set archive that contains the resolution you need i.e. 1k, 2k or 4k. Extract the contents into the Barrel folder. A sub-folder called textures should be created, which contains a total of 6 maps. The texture sets are built for a metal-roughness workflow.

Each texture set includes:

  • Diffuse map
  • Metal map
  • Roughness map
  • Normal map
  • Specular map
  • Ambient Occlusion map

Bonus maps have also been provided should you wish to alter or create new variants of the the texture sets. This extra maps include:

  • UV map
  • Cavity map
  • ID map
  • Color vertex maps
  • Base AO map
  • Dirt map

After you have extracted the required content, you should have 2 sub-folders in your Barrel's folder:

  • model
  • texture

Go ahead and open the blend file. It's already setup with relative texture paths. Hit the render button. You should get the following test render:

Wooden Floor Planks Package

The Wooden Floor Planks asset as seen in the product photo has been made available as a bonus asset. The textures and model has been packaged in one asset. All you need to do is create a folder, say WoodenFloorPlanks and extract the contents of the archive. 2 sub-folders should be created, model and textures. For this asset, only 2K textures are available. Open the the blend file within the model sub-folder, and hit render to test.

Unity Packages

Both assets have been packaged into Unity packages for easy import. 2K textures are included in each. Feel free to swap out the textures with the required resolution.

Unreal Engine 4

To import the barrel asset to Unreal Engine 4, you'll need to import the FBX file. Import the textures as well to a directory of your choosing. You'll need to create a new material for the barrel. You can use this tutorial for instructions:

You'll need to flip the green channel for the normal map to work properly. See below illustration of the entire material node basic setup in UE4:

Here is an example of in-game graphics of how the asset looks in Unreal Engine using just the basic material and the default lighting:

Out of the box the asset looks great in both platforms(Unity and UE4). With further material tweaking, lighting and post processing, you can achieve your desired looks.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about the asset.

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