Procedural Sky System

by Other Realms in Materials, Shaders, Textures

A fully procedural World Material and Collection containing a sun rig that dynamically transitions between day and evening. Works in both Eevee and Cycles and can be used as HDRI alternative. Fully customizable colours using a simple ramp setup to determine sky, clouds and sun colours. Clouds can be easily controlled and animated and emulate shading with shadows and highlights. 

Perfect for fantasy, cartoons and semi-realism. Add turbulence and softness to depict whispey clouds or increase density and darken shadows for a dramatic stormy sky. Created for artistic control, not scientific accuracy, this sky setup is infinitely versatile yet carefully guided as to not produce overblown results. Simply tweak parameters and colour ramps in the world material. 

The Sun Rig uses a sun light object to drive the position of a visible and customisable sun in the world shader. The rig itself ensures its angle is always in relation to the scenes centre and therefore the sun can be placed at any location with any need for manually rotating it. The suns angle then becomes the driving factor for the day/ evening or morning colour modes. 

Alternatively, this sun can be used as a moon for a night mode. Included is a night version which moon controls such as phase and shadow, as well night sky colours and stars.