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String art setup - INPUTS

Geometry – The input geometry, can be a mesh with edges only, curves in one object or in a collection.

UV – The UV input is only used when connecting multiple groups.

String material – To change string material.

Mesh to edge (only first group) – To change a solid mesh with faces into a mesh with edges only. When connecting several groups to each other, it is only activated in the first group.

Curve to mesh (only first group) – To change a curve into a mesh. When connecting several groups to each other, it is only activated in the first group.

Check Curve / Uncheck Edge – To change when the input is a curve or a edge mesh.

A, B – Here the index of the curve or edge is indicated, to make the connection.

Cross lines in same index –  This option creates crossed lines when using closed curves and the same index. An example is included with the letter "S" and the letter "I".

Points – Number of points that there will be in each connected line.

Invert A, B – Invert direction of the curve or edge.

A Start, A End, B Start, B End, Gen Start, Gen End, Grad Start, Grad End, Dist Start, Dist End – Sliders that allow animations. Each one is different.

Dist mod – When using the "Dist Start" or "Dist End" animations, this option changes the way the lines move.

Radius – The radius that will have the thickness of the strings.

height – To change the Z position of the strings.

height distance – Helps to separate the strings so it don't overlap.


String art setup - OUTPUTS

Geometry – Final output geometry or that can be connected to another group of equal nodes to create several connections.

UV – When using several groups it is connected between them and at the end the UV output is connected to the final output group to establish an attribute that can be used in the material (shader).

String material – This output node is only used if, when connecting several groups, you want to share the same material between them.


String art Pins - INPUTS

Curve – Here you connect the final geometry with the connections and create a pin at each vertex. See the examples in the file.

Pins custom (check box) – Enables the use of a custom pin, different from the one included.

Pins custom – Here you connect the new geometry that you want to use as a custom pin.

Pins material – To select the material of the pins.

Pins scale – To set the scale of the pins.

Pins animation – Activates the animation of the pins.

reorder index – change the order of the pins during the animation.

sequence / scale – Check to use sequence animation, Uncheck to use scale animation.

sequence animation – Controls the sequential animation of the pins.

scale animation – Controls the scale animation of the pins.


String art – mesh tubes - INPUTS

This group of nodes creates tubes in the initial mesh, useful in 3D meshes.

Mesh – Here you usually connect the initial geometry and use “Join Geometry” to connect with the rest of setup.

Tubes radius – Radius of tubes

Sphere radius – At each corner a sphere is created, this option controls the radius of these spheres.

material – Material of the tubes.

anim a, anim b – Slider to control the animation of the tubes, in one direction or another.


 String art Base - INPUTS

Geometry – Here you connect the final geometry in case you want to use a base.

Base – Activates or deactivates the base. The one included is circular.

Base radius – To set the radius of the base.

Base material – To set the material of the base.

Base custom (check box) – Enables the use of a custom base, different from the one included.

Base custom – Here you connect the new geometry that you want to use as a custom base.


String art Camera

This is a camera parent to a triangle, which helps to move the camera using Geometry Nodes on the triangle. Because it is not possible to add Geometry Nodes to the camera.

It is recommended to select only the "String art camera helper" triangle and in the object properties, set the location and rotation to 0 in all axes. Additionally, the initial position of the camera can be modified.


String art Base – Camera animation - INPUTS

Geometry – To control the camera, this group of nodes is used in a parent triangle to the camera. But it can also be used on other objects.

animation – A slider to control the animation from initial to final (rotation/position).

Start rotation – To set the initial rotation.

End rotation – To set the final rotation.

Start position – To set the initial position.

End position – To set the final position.

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