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● What is the current version of StoryLiner?

The latest released version for the Previz and Storyboard editions  is V 1.0.52.

The latest released version for the Studio edition is V 1.0.70.

● What are the differences between each edition of StoryLiner?
StoryLiner comes in four editions, each adding more features to the previous one to better answer the needs of a particular artistic discipline and to enhance its integration in production.


Here is an overview of each one of these editions. Their features are presented in details here: Differences between editions

● I bought an edition of StoryLiner and I would like to upgrade to a more advanced one, what is the process?

Just pick the upper edition and purchase it the usual way. The form will propose you to pay only for the difference between this edition and the one you already have.

● Is StoryLiner robust enough to be used in production?

The answer is definitely yes ! StoryLiner is designed and written by a professional, for professionals.

StoryLiner is based on Ubisoft Shot Manager, a tool that was developed by Ubisoft for the Rabbids Invasion TV series in 2020. It was open-sourced, all along with some other add-ons such as Mixer. At the time, I did an article on how we used it during the pre-production phase, titled Blender and the Rabbids.

Since then, the add-on received a loooot of improvements, such as a storyboard and a 2.5D drawing modules, a render queue, a toolbar... and a a myriad of very useful small tools!

StoryLiner was initially made to be used very early in production. It now can support your sequences up to the step where you decide to break them into separated shot files.

● What is included in the package? Will there be updates?

With the purchase of an edition of StoryLiner, you will have access to all the maintenance and new feature releases up to the next major release. And there will be a great bunch of improvements coming before version 2 😉

● We are a company or a studio and we would like to get StoryLiner for an unlimited number of seats, what is the price?

If the variations proposed here do not fit with your company size, please contact me 😉

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