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This a dinosaur Stegosaurus from Jurassic period. The model is rigged, posed and ready for render. The mesh is fully made of quads, Uv unwrapped without overlapping UVs. The rig is handmade with IK system and custom shapes for important bones. Material was build with principled bsdf shader for Cycles render engine.


  • Dinosaur mesh model
  • Rig with bones constraints and custom shapes
  • 4 variations of color maps 4k
  • Normal map 4k
  • Ambient occlusion map 4k
  • Cavity map 4k

How to use

  • Import the model into your blend file by copy and paste.
  • Choose the level of subdivision you need for your scene into the multiresolution modifier.
  • Press F12 and render. 
  • Made with 2.79.
  • Import to your scene by copy and paste
  • Pose the model with bones with custom shapes
  • Use the multiresolution modifier render value to adapt your scene
  • All textures png files 4096 px wide
  • Simple rig with IK system
  • Lighting with HDRI maps from

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