Steel Asset Package

by Yttrium Art in Models


The steel containers assets, provided by Yttrium Art, is a modern-to-industrial age array of containers you can use for games and cinematic.

Models are in quads
See Table below for polycount specifics
Steel Assets    Verts    Faces    Tris
Blow Torch    3184    5990    5990
Fuel Tank 1 (Type A)    2485    4934    4934
Fuel Tank 2 (Type B)    1835    3650    3650
Pressure Tank    4848    8928    8928
Propane Tank A    3784    7478    7478
Steel Barrel 1 (Type A)    6125    11784    11784
Steel Barrel 2 (Type B)    3432    6772    6772
Steel Barrel 3 (Type C)    4960    9480    9480
Steel Bucket    3336    6536    6536
Total    33989    65552    65552
Textures in Blender are only in 4K.
Textures in Unreal Engine and Unity are detailed into 4096, 2048, 1024, 512.
.PNG Format
Materials are PBR-Ready
File Formats Included

Integration to Software
3D Applications
There are many ways to import, depending on software. Covered here is Blender, because, BlenderMarket.

For direct access, you may open the SteelAssets.blend file. Everything is packed.
For Importing .obj, File->Import->Wavefront(.obj). Then add new material, then locate and apply the four source textures to that material (Base Color, Metallic, Normal, Roughness). For more information, see
For importing everything from SteelAssets.blend file to yours, you may Link or Append. Link creates a “reference” of this asset blend file into your desired blender file, while append hard copies them.
How we’d like to do it: File-> Link/Append -> SteelAssets.blend -> Collections -> SteelAssets

Unreal Engine
Have your UE project file ready. You may open it.
Locate its directory; as we will be importing there.
Search for “Content” folder within your project directory.
Extract a selection (or all of) the archive files here into the Content folder. You will be expecting folder(s) containing the respective assets.
If your UE Project file is already open, wait a few seconds for the assets. They should load as well in the “Content” toolbar of your UE project.

Open your Unity project.
Extract the downloaded file. No specific location to extract to, just keep organized.
In Unity, under Assets (lower area of screen), Right-Click, Import Custom Package.
Select a unity package amongst the assets you recently extracted, and Open.
Wait a few seconds for decompression. Once done, a pop-up list will appear.
Check all in the list and import
Wait a few more seconds for the assets to load.

You may use this for whatever projects you see fit. As this is an ongoing documentation, we wish to improve our services as well, so please do let us know of any bugs we may be able to fix. Please continue to support the 3D/CGI Industry.

For custom asset requests, feel free to drop us a message at [email protected]