Sprytile Tilemap Tools

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Sprytile ❤ Pixels

Sprytile was built as a love letter to the aesthetics of pixel art graphics and early 3D games. 

Sprytile gives artists tools that speed up creating stylized textured low poly models that evoke the feel of that era in gaming.

Sprytile helps you go from 2D tiles to 3D models with ease


Blender Dev Fund!

Sprytile's Blender Market store sends 100% of the income to the Blender Dev Fund!

Tile Mapping for Blender

Tile map workflows makes building 2D maps for games an intuitive and fun task. Sprytile brings tile mapping tools to Blender to give you a powerful and intuitive way to create in 3D.

Sprytile combines the ease of creation with tile maps, with all the power and flexibility of your Blender workflow.

Pixel Perfect UV Painting

Sprytile's UV paint tools lets you UV map your model while working in the viewport. Model with Blender's flexible tools and then easily UV map faces to tiles with full control over stretching and maintaining texel density.

Pixel Grid Snapping

Maintain control over your mesh by automatically keeping vertex movement on the pixel grid. Tweak vertices with confidence with a pixel grid readout of the translation.


Check out some of the things made with Sprytile on the Sketchfab collection.

Retro and the Future

Indies are at the forefront of pushing retro aesthetics forward, and thanks to Blender they have access to great tools to explore 3D. Sprytile helps indie devs and artists find new ways to express themselves.

Sprytile is an open source project that is under continuing development. Improvements to the tools, workflow, and documentation are made on an ongoing basis.

If you have bugs, questions, or feature suggestions, feel free to drop by the community forum or chat server. Submissions to the github repository/issues are also welcome.