Split Toning - A Utility Compositor Node For 2.80 Or Later

by Spiral Research in Scripts and Addons


Split Toning is a lightweight add-on to provide a compositor node for simulating the Split Toning effect in Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom.

It allows you to easily manipulate the colors of shadows and highlights separately. For example, the following effect is obtained by setting the color of the highlights to orange and the color of the shadows to blue, and by adjusting their balance:

Supported Blender Versions

Blender 2.80 or later.

Why not using the Color Balance node?

The effect of Split Toning itself is very similar to the Color Balance node in Blender. However, it has several different points:

  • Controllable Highlights-Shadows balance: Split Toning provides a parameter called Balance, which controls how highlights and shadows are split.
  • Fewer parameters: Split Toning has only five parameters and so it is easier to explore possible effects.
  • Brightness preservation: Split Toning only alters the hue and saturation of the image and does not alter the brightness (strictly speaking, the value of HSV). This makes it much easier to control the colorfulness and brightness.
  • Photoshop-users friendliness: Split Toning is very similar to the one in Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom.


This add-on is publicly developed at GitHub: https://github.com/yuki-koyama/split-toning

Any feedback, including requests, suggestions, issues, and PRs, are highly appreciated.