Splash! - Water Animation Templates

by The Blender Model Market in Models

So how do you use the SPLASH! templates? 

Once you have downloaded the files you need install the CubeSurfer add-on either from the included file or from http://pyroevil.com/cubesurfer-addon-download/ and follow the instruction on how to install on the CubeSurfer web site. 

Once you have that running extract the .blend files from the .zip file and open the desired template. 

You will find that the template has several layers. One with a particle system on it and the other with the mesh on it. If you move a frame forward while you have both the layer with the particle system and the layer with the mesh selected the mesh will change. 

To add the template to your desired .blend file select the particle system, the mesh, and anything else in the template, and press Ctrl or Command + C to copy the objects then flip over to your .blend file and press Ctrl or Command + V to paste. 

If you have any questions just e-mail me.