Spider Web Geometry Node Group For Blender 3.2

by 1oodrips in Modifier Setups

Spider Web geometry node group for Blender 3.2

Creates a spider web, which dynamically connects to surrounding objects (for example, single meshes or collections).

The node group returns a curve object which can then be used for further operations, like turning into to a mesh.

Contains two blend files:

A base setup and an advanced example.

How to use:

  1. Append the node group "Drips_SpiderWeb" into your current project (File > Append > ...\Drips_SpiderWeb.blend\NodeTree\Drips_SpiderWeb)

  2. Add geometry nodes to an object and add Group > "Drips_SpiderWeb" to your node tree

  3. The input "Target Geometry" must be connected to a mesh object, on which the spiderweb can connect to. To connect it to a single object of the scene, you can get a reference to that object with the "Object Info" node (Set to "Relative"). To connect it to multiple objects, all these objects need to be placed into a collection and referenced via a "Collection Info" node (Set to "Relative"). See Drips_SpiderWeb.blend file for a basic setup.

  4. "Neutral Object" needs to be an object in the scene, which has no rotation applied. This is important for the gravity of the slack to be independent of the object's local rotation (maybe redundant in future versions).

  5. The node group outputs a curve object which can then be converted to a mesh object with a "Curve To Mesh" node and a profile curve.

Known issues:

While being very flexible in multiple scenarios, it is unavoidable that errors might appear in individual situations:

  • It is important to place the spider web, so it can find enough objects to connect to:

    • By default, the search radius for connections is set to 5 meters. If your scene uses a very large real world scale, you need to increase this value.

    • If it can't find enough objects to connect to, the result may seem illogical/incomplete. Besides finding a good postion of the spider web, try increasing the "Main Thread Count" or try another "Seed" value.

    • If it can't find any meshes to connect to, no spiderweb will appear. To help see the object if no spider web is displayed, you can toggle "Show Gizmo" to display the current position and orientation.

  • When using extreme amounts of slack, some errors may appear in the spiral of the spider web

  • When messing too much with the values, it might happen that the generation of the spider web is faulty. In this case, it is recommended to reset every input of the node group to its original value.

  • In some cases the center hole might show some minor errors which are only apparent on macro shots. In this case, try another seed value.

Only for Blender 3.2 and up!

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