Spider Web Generator

by Hypnosis in Models

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  • Wayne Hawkins 8 months ago

    Very cool. Do you plan to get this working on Blender 2.80? If it works now, we would need instructions on how. Animation Nodes is now running on 2.80

    • Karlis Stigis 8 months ago

      Hello, Wayne! Blender 2.8 is currently only in beta stage and although there is a version on Animation Nodes which works in it, neither of them can be considered stable. When official release of Blender 2.8 and Animation Nodes will happen, we probably will make an update. No promises yet, because everything will have to be redone from scratch and it will take some time.

  • clement Vaucelle over 1 year ago

    great product ! I was needing a spiderweb generator in a hurry for a job project . Works really nice and is really great explained ( some pdf tutorial + example file ) . the Author has been helpfull too. Fast contact and reply. I just met some troubles , when I needed to export the Blender curves in Cinema4D ( my main software for the project) .. Blender can't really export the curves so it's a little tricky to find a solution but I found . I recommend this.

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