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  • Gil
    9 days ago

    Super user-friendly; you don't have to understand retopology super well to get a really good result. I've done retopo with several models with this so far, I can vouch it's super great for sculpts also. Couldn't suggest enough!!

  • Asim Khan
    5 months ago

    I like it. Very excellent work. thank you for this fantastic add-on.

  • haru kim
    5 months ago

    적은 버그, 그러나 머지 병합이 잘 안됨,점들이 완전 다른곳에 들러붙는 경우가 너무 많음

    6 months ago

    Thank you very much for all the effort you put into improving the experience of performing retopology in Blender, regards! and congratulations!

  • AquarianDoll
    8 months ago

    Please don't ever stop updating it to new versions of blender. I can't live without this tool anymore.

  • Andrew Taylor
    8 months ago

    Very good addon that has made me look forward to retopo! I'd echo Brad in saying that my only complaint is that seeing the verts / edges behind the reference mesh can be a little bit confusing at times. If that was fixed this addon would be absolutely perfect.

  • Brad
    8 months ago

    Very fast and easy to use, and most certainly worth the price! If I had to nitpic, the only thing I would love is for the option to make the reference mesh opaque while keeping the retopo mesh on top... being able to see or click on the mesh on the opposite side of the model can be confusing. It's a very small problem, especially considering that the direct competition to this add-on is more than 17X the price.

  • Sonny
    12 months ago

    Lightweight, easy to use and good user interface. Thanks for useful addon. 🙏

  • 3D Slasher
    12 months ago

    Easy to learn, powerful, and the perfect mix of automation and manual control!

  • Ogier BADI
    over 1 year ago

    simple, excellent and not expensive (5$ : good price)

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