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  • Lidia about 1 month ago

    Hello! There will be a version for blender 2.91?

    • pitiwazou about 1 month ago

      The addon works on 2.91, instead of using the rating system, send me a private message ;)

  • Weston Mitchell 5 months ago

    The draw function doesnt seem to work like in the video, it doesnt stick to the surface in Edit mode (which is what it takes you into)

    • pitiwazou 5 months ago

      It's a blender 2.82 bug on Bsurface, not related to Speedretopo

  • purgebs 6 months ago

    Not quite as fully featured as Retopoflow- but has everything you need for a mere fraction of the price. For $1, you can't afford not to have it. Insane value!

  • BleuRaven 6 months ago

    1$ ? that crazy I would have been willing to pay much more. This addon is awsome! Thanks you so much

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