I released a free version of this product over 1 year ago. I had several people request an updated paid version. I'm now at a point where I'm confident in supporting this as a paid add-on.

I will continue to update the free version, but behind this new pro version.

SVG imports are marginally supported in Blender and it hasn't changed for a while.

What this add-on does better:

  1. Maintain the collection / layer hierarchy of the original file. Layers in SVG are often significant!
  2. Allow stacking the objects / layers to better work with them without being all smashed together
  3. Support for XML namespaces (causes some SVG imports to fail or partially work in standard import)
  4. Render "use" references in SVG files.
  5. Better reuse of materials generated
  6. Transparency in materials from SVG styles
  7. Selection tools specific to imported SVG workflows
  8. Easy placement of objects with orientation and scale on imported SVG elements !

Supported on Discord: https://discord.com/invite/TVg6gyzyGs

Dev Fund Contributor
Published 7 days ago
Software Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2
License GPL
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