Speaker Overhaul - Automated Sound Design

by Inlet in Scripts and Addons

The speaker is supposed to be an invaluable tool for sound design andanimation, curtailed to a token gesture, a promise of features yet tocome, with no tools that are realistically useful outside the mostbasic functionality.

This iswhere the Overhauled Speaker addon comes and saves the day with itsadvanced functionality and opportunities for speeding up yourproduction process, while also making it sound more realistic andaccurate. Thisaddon is seperated into 3 sections.

Master Speaker

Thisspeaker’s use is for ambience on your scene, like the urban chatteroutside or the light wind going through the forest’s crowns, or thecroaking frogs around the lively mountain pond.

You canhave as many variations or sound effects play in different locationsat different frames, pitch, volume and so on.


Thisspeaker is triggered by the motion of an object on its X, Y, Z axisfor all types of locations. For instance you have a characterdragging a box. Designing the sound for that takes tricky time, whilehere you can add the sound to the motion of the box moving, and itwill self-correct the speed and pitch in a quick and easy manner.

Based on motion you can simulate startups of engines, increase in speed like wind, water or an object passing by (car, plane, train).

With ananimation in place, like a walking animation, you can bind footstepsounds every time the character goes through that specific frame, andthat can be repeated as many times you’d need to, while reactingdynamically to you changing that animation’s speed.

Based on specific frames of an animation you can set the sound to play on the frame of a footstep or the rustle of cloth or accessories; the splash of water on every droplet.

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Dev Fund Contributor
Published about 2 months ago
Software Version 2.83, 2.93, 3.0, 3.1
License GPL
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