Sparrow Flock. Low Poly Birds Group Flying In The Sky With Random Particlesystem

by in Models

This is a textured low poly model of a sparrow bird in 6 flying positions, grouped and linked as a DupliGroup in a Blender ParticleSystem.

The ParticleSystem is a cube easily editable and shows 17 birds in different positions and rotations from the 6 basics positions of the group.

It's ideal for quickly integration a small or large bird flock in the sky of your scene, in order to increase or decrease the number of birds you have only to change the emission number of the ParticleSystem (set at 17 as default).

Allows infinite combinations based in the ParticleSystem parameters. You can easily change the seed number, emission number, the cube shape or the cube dimensions etc in order to get the searched look of the flock.

Very light weight (only 160 kb). Not ideal for close up renders.

Created by - Juan PALOMARES

Clean model structure

The model is modeled in Blender 2.79, and comes with logical named objects, organised in one group,

Sky Lighting Setup included

The Blend File comes with a Dynamic Sky lighting setup. Just hit render and you will get instant good results.