Space VFX Elements : The Ultimate Guide To Creating The Galaxy In Blender

by Aidy Burrows & Gleb Alexandrov in Training

Have you ever wanted to be a sci-fi filmmaker? Create your own Star Wars fan fiction in Blender? Or just add a jaw-dropping space render to your portfolio?

Creating artistically pleasing space phenomena can be tricky. Quasars, gas giants, nebulae and black holes - these things can make you and your computer suffer...


After watching this video course you’ll be ready to create even the most complex space phenomena in Blender.


Aidy Burrows - Artist, Overly Optimistic, Co-Author @ Creative Shrimp

Gleb Alexandrov - Caffeinated Artist, Founder of Creative Shrimp Website


Video Info:

  • 20+ hours, 1920 x 1080, MP4 format
  • 30+Space VFX Tutorials
  • 2 Workflows: Procedural and Image-based
  • Software Used: Blender 2.77-2.78, Cycles, Krita, Gimp
  • Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate


Simple Planets 

We’ll get started by creating simple rocky planets.

Advanced Planet

Then we’ll experiment with more advanced multi-layered planets with atmosphere.

Planet Close-up

Have you ever wanted to create a 3D planet, then zoom in and see the beautiful details? Look no further.

Procedural Planet

We’ll take a look at procedural texturing to create any number of exo-planets. And we'll animate the clouds in a timelapse style.

Procedural Gas Planet

And not to leave gas giants out there in the cold, we have you covered too.


Procedural Asteroid

Asteroid from scratch? Easy. Just use the procedural modeling techniques.

Asteroid - Baking Textures

Before creating the vast fields of asteroids, we need to optimize this guy. And bake textures to low-poly model.

Asteroid Field

Once you have asteroids, naturally you have to fly through them in an asteroid field.


Image-based Spacescape Part 1

We need the fancy backgrounds for our space stuff. Let's paint some spherical space panoramas!

Image-based Spacescape Part 2

How to create a super high resolution space background? Box mapping plus seamless textures. That's how.

Procedural Space Panorama 

Bursting with more space panoramas, we’ll take a look at some of our procedural texturing options.

Gas Clouds

After watching this chapter you'll know how to create convincing nebulae (while cheating a little bit).


We’ve got a procedural animated sun surface to heat things up! HOT!


Learn how to create the brightest objects in the galaxy - quasars. We'll explore one of these monsters, from the accretion disk to the energy jet.


And how about a Comet or with a slight tweak to your colors you have a meteor streaking through the sky.

Black Hole

Like all dramatic conclusions, we end up in a black hole. Where there is no escape. But it does look cool.


Sean Kennedy, VFX Artist

"Gleb and Aidy are amazing artists on their own, so seeing them come together for this course is outstanding for those of us who continue to learn from them. I was really blown away by the trailer, and the tutorials deliver on the promise. If you've ever enjoyed any movie with "Star..." in the title, you're going to love this course! The lighting alone is worth the price of admission."

Manu Järvinen, Animator, Illustrator and 3D Modeler

“Great dudes! The Material is quality stuff!”

Sebastien Koenig, VFX Supervisor on Open Movie, “Tears of Steel.“

"During the training you will not only learn how to create beautiful space environments but also get to know a wide range of very useful and versatile techniques in Blender and Cycles, that will help you become a better artist, to boldly blend where no one has blended before!"

James Candy, Classy Dog Films

"I know tutorials, and these are some great tutorials. It's gonna be huge."

Guilherme Henrique, Art Director at Blender Guru

"This is not about creating earth, it's about creating the UNIVERSE, and the universe is huge, just like the amount of knowledge on this course. For anyone wanting to create it's own star wars, this is a good start!"

Reynante M. Martinez, CG Artist/Storyteller/Creator of CMV

"When you need some interplanetary Blender resource, Space VFX Elements is THE best that you can get your hands on. It is pure awesomeness on a cosmic level. Funny, witty, and very educational. A must have!"

Andrew Price, Creator of BlenderGuru

"Unorthodox workflows that can be used to make a variety of things in Blender, not just the topic taught. If you want normal stick to Youtube. But if you want timesaving cheats and unlikely but awesome solutions, get Space VFX."

Greg Zaal, Artist, co-creator of the Node Wrangler add-on, and HDRI guy

"Two of the most skilled and experienced Blender artists join forces to bring you hours of both focused and entertaining training, filled with so many "why didn't I think of that" moments that even veteran Blenderheads will be amazed. In other words: How to become awesome in space."


  • Primer Tutorials - Gets you up and running with some key aspects
  • Project Files - Get all the finished .blend files from each chapter.
  • Extra Assets - Additional textures, models and scenes.


Micropolygon Displacement Update

Discover how to use the Micropolygon Displacement feature to take your sci-fi art to the next level. Imagine landscapes, tech panels, alien patterns and other thrilling VFX.

Exoplanet Zoom

Zoom in to the surface of an exoplanet in a step-by-step tutorial.

Nebulae Flythrough

There's always time to fly through an interstallar nursery especially when equipped with some efficient techniques.

Wormhole Update

Create the popular sci-fi Wormhole effect. In this video we’ll be relying heavily on procedural animation techniques that works great in real-time.

Bloodflow VFX

To make it a bit more interesting lets see what tips and tricks we can pull out to go all innerspace instead of outer-space and simulate bloodcells flowing inside arteries.

10 Essential UV Tricks For Blender

How to save yourself hours of UV pain.

Blender Setup

When we start a scene there are several things we almost always change, here we’ll go over these and explain the what and the why so it’s all in one handy reference video.

For more information visit

Start Here - 5.12 MB PDF - 4.6 GB


01 - Simple Planet - 1.33 GB MP4  

02 - Texture Coordinates (Primer) - 84.4 MB MP4  

03 - Advanced Planet - 1.94 GB MP4  

04 - Planet Close-up - 1.36 GB MP4 - 3.5 GB


05 - Oil and Vector Noise (Primer) - 124 MB MP4  

06 - Procedural Planet - 2.24 GB MP4  

07 - Distance Fog (Primer) - 323 MB MP4  

08 - Procedural Gas Planet - 688 MB MP4 - 3.1 GB


09 - Asteroid Part 1 - 1.09 GB MP4  

10 - Asteroid Part 2 - 503 MB MP4  

11 - Asteroid Field - 1.48 GB MP4 - 5.1 GB


12 - Image-based Spacescape Part 1 - 1.62 GB MP4  

13 - Image-based Spacescape Part 2 - 755 MB MP4  

14 - Procedural Spacescape Part 1 - 1.69 GB MP4  

15 - Procedural Spacescape Part 2 - 602 MB MP4  

16 - Procedural Spacescape Part 3 - 431 MB MP4 - 4.5 GB


17 - Gas Clouds - 997 MB MP4  

18 - Sun - 2.13 GB MP4  

19 - Quasar - 1.45 GB MP4 - 1.9 GB


20 - Comet - 984 MB MP4 

21 - Composing a Scene - 444 MB MP4  

22 - Black Hole (Bonus) - 488 MB MP4 - 927 MB - 2.09 GB

Update 1.01 - 1.1 GB


23 - Clouds Flythrough (Bonus) - 892 MB MP4  

27 - Cycles Baking (Bonus) - 274 MB MP4  

Update 1.02 Micropolygon Displacement - 3.8 GB


24 - Micropolygon Displacement Basics Part 1 (Bonus) - 1.03 GB MP4  

25 - Micropolygon Displacement Basics Part 2 (Bonus) - 870 MB MP4  

26 - Exoplanet - Zoom to the Surface (Bonus) - 943 MB MP4  

Update 1.03 - 4.72 GB


28 - BlenderSetup (Bonus) - 450 MB MP4  

29 - WormHoleVFX (Bonus) - 1.83 GB MP4  

30 - BloodFlowVFX (Bonus) - 1.48 GB MP4  

31 - UVs_Essentials (Bonus) - 980 MB MP4  

I have a question, how can I contact you guys?
Can I have a refund?

Sure. Blender Market has a 30 day money back guarantee. Just shoot an email to [email protected] and ask for a refund. No questions asked.

Where can I get an invoice/receipt?

Login to your BlenderMarket account and go into Profile> My Account> Order History. There you’ll find the Receipt (PDF) button.

What is the license of the .blend files? Can I use it in my own projects?

The .blend files contained in the Space VFX course are released under Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution. Feel free to use them in your projects. All textures are licensed under Creative Commons 0. Use them however you like, without crediting us. 

What kind of computer do I need to recreate the effects described in the course?

A decent videocard is recommended, but not required. Aidy did a great job optimizing the techniques with a broad range of hardware in mind (spoilert alert: we were cheating!). In other words, you can run it on a potato.

One exception: the Quasar chapter. It requires volume shaders, so for this one a stronger videocard is needed. 

I’m using Unreal Engine (Unity, Godot, Maya, Cinema 4d). Will I benefit from watching these tutorials?

We use Blender throughout the course, so naturally you’ll learn how to make spacey stuff in Blender. So if you plan to apply the knowledge in the other software (say, Maya), this will require additional effort on your side. 

I just started learning Blender, will I be able to follow through Space VFX?

This course is aimed at the intermediate skilled users, so we would recommend to have some basic understanding of Blender before embarking on this space journey. The tempo is very fast. Though, we did our best to make it accessible. If you are up to the challenge, give it a shot.

Will I need any other software, besides Blender?

Gimp, Krita, free and open source painting programs.

What version of Blender do I need?
Where are the resources (.blend files, textures)?

Download the archive and extract it. There you will find .blend files, textures, HDR environments and other stuff.

Some videos from Space VFX have no sound, what’s going on?

If that’s the case, download free VLC player.

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Login to the Blender Market and visit your account page:

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Sure! You should have received an email from Blender Market by now, with the link to your free copy. If not, don’t hesitate to contact Blender Market support ([email protected]). Simply login with the email used to purchase and the downloads will be available. 

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The Blender Market can send you an invoice and then deliver the gift to any given email; in order to the claim the gift the recipient will need to create an account with that same email. 

How to download Space VFX from Blender Market?

Upon purchase you’ll be given download links. If you need to download at a later time then simply create an account with the same email used to purchase and the downloads will be available on your Account page:  

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  • dignity about 1 year ago

    My mind is blown. I‘ve never seen anything similar for this price. This really blew my mind. By the way: Gleb has some pretty good jokes every now and then.
    5 Stars for the price (really worth the money! They could even take more.)
    5 Stars for the product (you can create really high quality scenes with it).
    And a bonus star for Gleb‘s jokes ;)

    So if you read this and hesitate if you should buy the course: trust me. Just do it. You‘ll be amazed. I‘m pretty sure this will blow your mind like it blew mine. Specially the procedural workflow is really crazy.

  • anthonyc over 1 year ago

    Some of the best Blender instruction available.
    A virtual smorgasbord tips and tricks with practical application well beyond just the presented exercises.

  • pawelczerwinski over 1 year ago

    I finished this course a couple of months ago, at the time it wasn't available here on Blender marker (and wrote a review on Creativeshrimp website then). I really enjoyed it! I'd say some parts are really challenging, especially those super-complicated, multi-level node editor tricks, but it's a great opportunity to find out what possibilities they give you. Each lesson in this course gives you a chance to creating your own unique sci-fi objects, you're not expected to follow the guys' every step.

  • bromanuid over 1 year ago


  • tobor42 over 1 year ago

    This space VFX course is outstanding. Now I'm hoping for a class teaching how to create spaceships to put in my scenes.

  • Belvane over 1 year ago

    This is one of the best Blender classes I ever took. It's far more than making space scenes - it's learning so much about how to make things in Blender, from a better grasp of procedural materials and the node editor, to the thorough demonstrations of how to achieve the trademark Gleb Alexandrov beautiful pieces, it's all there. The explanations are crisp and clear, the demonstration professional. There's so many tutorials, even paid ones, which are annoying to un-usable because knowing the material doesn't make one a good teacher; this was never the case here, and I felt that every minute gave me a full worth of my money.

    Highly recommended and worth every penny; I'd buy any class made by this duo, and I'm looking forward to the next one they release, if they do.

    Thanks for a brilliant class, Aidy and Gleb!

  • J.W. Sargent over 1 year ago

    If you are advanced in Blender you may think there is nothing to learn from this. You would be wrong. There are dozens of tips and tricks hidden away besides some concepts I didn't realize I was missing out on. I very strongly recommend this to anyone looking to expand their Blender/CG knowledge.

  • David Kelly over 1 year ago

    Fantastic, packed with incredibly useful information, and even Gleb's jokes aren't bad!

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