Southern White African Rhino

by RabbitMacht in Models


The Southern White African Rhino is a 3D model made in Blender 2.79 that forms part of a series of African Savannah inhabitants. This product has a wide variety of applications as it includes realtime and high resolution models. The model is both rigged and animated using Deer Rigger, which is a modified version of Rigify for Quadrupeds.

The product consists of,

  • 4k Color, Mask and Normal Textures
  • Non-overlapping UV's
  • Realtime Model made-up of 1186 Faces
  • High Resolution Sculpt model
  • Rig
  • Active Modifier stack
  • Animated walk cycle
  • Cycles Material Node Network


The Southern White African Rhino product consists of several files,

  • rhino_realtime.blend : A realtime, low poly version of the rhino consisting of approximately 2k polys and non-overlapping UV's.
  • rhinoSculpt.blend : High resolution sculpted rhino consisting of approximately 950k polys.
  • rhino_walk.blend : Rigged and animated rhino, with an active modifier stack that's ready to render for Cycles.
  • rhino_walk-SB-HR.blend : Same as rhino_walk.blend but with Soft Body, secondary animation on a high resolution model ready for baking. As per video preview rendering.
  • rhinoPose.blend : Rigged rhino in various product poses.
  • rhinoColor4k.png : Color channel texture map in 4K.
  • rhinoSSSMask4k.png : Sub-Surface Scattering channel Mask in 4K.
  • hornMask4k.png : Mask for isolating horns in 4K.
  • rhinoNormal4k.png : Normal map baked from sculpt in 4K.
  • rhino.obj : 3D mesh for compatibility with other software.


The latest version of the Southern White African Rhino product consists of several updates,

  • rhino02.blend
  • rhino02_SB.blend

  1. Enhanced Node Network for rendering with Cycles
  2. Updated texture files
  3. Improved animated walk-cycle
  4. Dynamic secondary animation file included with Soft Body already setup in rhino02_SB.blend
  5. NLA Strips consisting of Poses in product renders and separate strip for Walk animation
  6. Camera adjusted for HD output (1920 * 1080)
  7. Simpler setup does not require Appending Sculpt data, just open the Blend file and start rendering!