Snowy Grounds Texture Pack

by tmkdigital in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Snowy Grounds - A Texture Pack for Your Winter Scene!

• 14 Snow Themed Textures (Some Have Alternative Styles!)

• 6 Fall Themed Textures (e.g. Grass & Leafs, Rocks)

• 6 Snowy HDRI Maps (4K) 

•All Textures are JPEG 4K Resolution, Seamless

• Alternative .tiff Hight Maps

.blend file includes all textures as materials, so you can quickly browse through or append them :)

•Future proof - Textures work in Blender 2.8 (when the release candidate is out, Snowy Grounds will be updated)

Please Make Sure:

•You Have decent GPU VRAM (2GB minimum, 4GB recommended) or be prepared to render using CPU or use optimization tricks like in my video here.

•Please have Blender set to Experimental Mode and have subdivision modifier with "adaptive" checked on every object using the materials.

Update Log:

  • v102
    • Content Update!
      • Ground_004_Fall_Fresh_Leafs (2 Styles!)
      • Snow_012_Elevated_Mud (3 Styles!)
      • Snow_013_Rocky_Steps
      • Snow_14_Twig_Nest (2 Styles!)
  • v101
    • added overview video for the texture pack
    • added filmic color management as a default in .blend file