Snapmesh - Blender Photogrammetry Workflow For Mac Os

by Ennio Pirolo in Addons


v1.0 first submission


v1.0.1 quick fix


I had to fix the plugin because it wasn't working for some of the users.

v1.1 May update


Very big update!

What's new:

  • Added a log file to the computation. When you start the computation of the model, you'll find a log.txt file inside the selected folder, with the log, you can get helpful information like hardware incompatibility errors, skipped photos, and all the process steps with timings.
  • The output hierarchy is now much clearer; we removed the hierarchy of transforms created by the computation, and now we have a single mesh object with the right name.
  • We added the possibility to add a custom prefix to the object so you can better organize the output files.

v1.2 July update


With this version, I started implementing batch mode, one of the "big" features I want to add to the plugin.

What's new:

  • Added batch mode v1: now you can crunch your CPU and GPU to compute more than one 3D model! The batch mode lets you start three computation processes at the same time while keeping a queue of computations ready to start.
  • Added a quick reimport feature: if you have already created a model with a set of options and the cache file is still in the right folder, the plugin will import the model and clean up the hierarchy immediately.
  • Small Bug fixes
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