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by Loïc Bramoullé in Surfacing

When baking my edge mask, it looks different once baked.

Check the Bevel & Pointiness that are only visible in Cycles and when baking, and give black in Eevee. You can set them to zero, or better, go render mode (not material preview) and activate Cycles as render engine. (GPU + denoise helps having near instant feedback.)

My eevee material gets pink !

This is frequent in Eevee and can come from multiple things, node or texture number, actual bugs like you can see documented in blender bug report list e.g.1 e.g.2 e.g.3 ect..
If you cannot use Cycles, this pink issue is usually solved in a material by either :
- using the Lite mapping nodes.
- disconnecting displacement. (that not so useful for Eevee as you can have Bump from Height on the smart shader)
- Or simplifying your smart material.

I'm not seeing anything in the catalogs !

Check your asset browser filters, next to the search bar, some people have their startup file with "Node trees" un-ticked, so only materials will appear for example.

Where can I find answer to a new question ?

Discord might be the best place, but if you're not using it, you can ask here on the Blender Market Smartify page, to the right.

Where can I find base materials/textures that I can smartify ?

Asset bridge is an amazing and free way to access AmbientCG & Polyhaven vast PBR material libraries directly from blender's asset browser, just drag & drop them on your mesh, they will get downloaded super fast and pop on your object. You can then drop a smart effect on them, or copy-paste its textures into a new Smartify texture-set and use all the smart features to make it feel more natural.
Git hub (free)
Blender market (paid support)

How can I save/create my own smart materials or effects, without losing them when I update Smartify ?

Simply add a blend file in the folder (it needs to be created by you, name it e.g: "Smartify_Custom.blend") and paste any object with a smart material you want to keep in your Smartify asset browser.
Then check if any node group is unnecessarily duplicated, like "Ao (mask).001" and pick the original one instead, just so you keep the file clean.
Mark your effect node group or material as asset, and place it in the "Custom" catalog at the bottom of the Smartify library.

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