Smart Weathering

by Qualt in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Travis about 2 months ago

    Great tool made by great people! As someone who doesn't use Substance Painter, this is a great way to quickly add a sense of realism and age to objects within Blender. Some of the renders I've made using this shader have fooled people into thinking it was a photograph; that alone says quite a bit. It's quick to learn and very easy to use.

    • Qualt about 2 months ago

      Thank you very much for your review and the comment about us! We are super glad to hear that you liked our add-on and that you are making great images with it!

  • Chin Hsuan Wang 3 months ago

    Amazing tool to quickly get results. I am mainly a 2D artist that paint over my 3D scenes, so this has been a god send.

    Had some technical issues earlier and contacted the Qualt team. Their response was extremely quick and helped me solve those issues within a day. I would highly recommend this.

    • Qualt 3 months ago

      Thank you very much for your kind comment on our item and our given support, we really appreciate it!
      It is great to hear that it makes you be more efficient in your workflow!

  • Vlad Sofronie 4 months ago

    The team behind Smart Weathering is very passionate and dedicated. I was pleasantly surprised when they answered a question about the tool and helped me understand certain features, sent me pictures with settings and guided me through the process. Exceptional experience.

    Smart Weathering is a must have for your realism renders. Everything is very well thought out, the settings are very intuitive and of course, Qualt is planning some awesome new updates. Just buy it and support this awesome team!

    • Qualt 4 months ago

      That is the dreamed comment!
      We really appreciate it a lot! It is great to know that you could appreciate all the effort we are putting into this. This kind of comment pushes us to keep creating.
      Thank you very much for your positive and detailed review!

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