Smart Scene Manger

by atticus_id in Scripts and Addons

SSM Is a blender addon for manage scene fast

Compared with other more powerful or specific add-ons, SSM itself has a more integrated positioning. It can make users pay more attention to the design process itself in an elegant way, rather than immerse in the convergence of various shortcut key operations.

You can get it free be  here, but 5 small versions older than the paid version

tips: The 0.195 version can not read 0.15's camera property because I rewrite it for a better performance!

However, I make a "size preset" for you, which you can remember the old one first and then apply it with your preset    

Features (0.25)

view the document in the FAQS to get a better view!(updating!)

RenderStack (support octane,luxcore)
  1. 2 modes base on the free plugin "Render Burst". so it has 2 mode,simple mode and task mode. simple mode is just like "Render Burst",but can read the ssm attribute for each camera (resolution and exposure value)
  2. render group (manage you render tack into different color groups, hide the group make the interface cleaner, also, you will get a copy task operator to copy your task and modify it in a few time
  3. attribute overwrite allow to overwrite the camera attribute in your task ,and more attribute can be modified
  4. preview mode render you mark tasks with OpenGL into a preview folder, which can preview your animation very quickly
  5. strong format output / render layer separate (base on view layer)

Camera (support octane)

Toolset for generating cameras, quickly modifying camera properties, and checking view image

  1. header menu
  2. camera context menu

At the same time, SSM also has independent output resolution and exposure value for each camera, which will automatically read the attributes when using the renderstack


provide a simple hdri selector, just like "hdr link" in cinema 4d

light group to manage your light 

light studio to remember your light setting with light group and world! which can be applied to the renderstack !!!


A new and strong material picking tools,allow you to pick materials into a list and apply any object you want (view the gif)


Toolset for manipulating the position, rotation, scaling, and alignment of objects in the scene (view the gif)

  • place object tool: just like the 2.92 sculpt tool in object mode