Slice & Separate

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Slice & Separate


Version 1.0.1 now includes:
• Set default slicing method, distance and number of slices in the preferences
• Additional slider for number of slices
• Some bugfixes

This blender addon will allow you to slice any selected mesh based on a defined distance or number of slices and an axis. After hitting the "Slice & Separate" button, it will slice the object and separate out each slice as its own object.

This can be especially useful when using light baking / the GPU Lightmass in Unreal Engine. So instead of having one big mesh that will then require a very large lightmap texture, you can work with smaller meshes and smaller lightmap texture resolutions.

After the installation, there will be a new side panel named "Slice & Separate".

1. Select Object (Mesh)
2. Set axis (... or detect the axis - axis will be parallel to the longest side of the object)
3. Set slicing distance or number of slices
4. Hit the button!


I am already working on Version 1.0.2 (Free Update) - which will include:
• Slice multiple objects at once

Feedback and new ideas are always welcome! So please, hit me up :)

Sales 10+
Published 8 months ago
Blender Version 3.6, 4.0
License GPL
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